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Our Cyber Defense (CD) path enables students to become cyber defenders - with a key focus on defending their systems.  Our first course, Functional Mission Analysis shows students how to identify and understand their defended networks.  Students learn the methodology and history behind this topic and are taught it by experienced professionals.  Our next course, ​Scanning and Analyzing: Tips for Net Admins, teaches students how to utilize network security tools, such as Network Mapper (Nmap), Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA), and Retina (free) to scan and analyze your hosts on the network.  Our third CD course, still in development, presents heuristic methods to utilize for detecting the unknown.  Our forth CD Course, Incident Response and Forensics for CD (in development), tackles the challenging problem of knowing what to do after identification of a malicious intruder in your system.  Finally, our fifth course, Stealthy Defensive Operations (in development) teaches students how to be stealthy while conducting defensive operations on your network. 

Each class is taught by experienced professionals; we have honed our skills working on many government and commercial systems and have become experts in the Cyber Defense arena.  We continue to update and modify our course material based on real-world applicability and can accommodate everyone from the novice to the experienced professional. 

Please see our course catalog for pricing and availability.